VD Reflections

I woke up this morning and I decided to put on every item I owned that had a heart on it today.  Heart blouse, heart shoes, heart earrings, etc.  Just call me, Ms. Valentine.  A friend suggested I was a person who loved love.  The cynic in me wanted to say no, but I nodded and agreed.  I do love love.  And one day, I’ll love the right man at the right time and he’ll love me back.


Fairy Tales

I was just writing an email to my dear Jack and I got me thinking…

Do we ever get the fairy tale?

Jack has been scolding me for being somewhat pessimistic about my relationship (in my defense, I feel I am being very realistic).  Is it possible to enjoy yourself when your relationship has an expiration date?  Is it wrong to start a relationship with the agreement that you very likely will be saying goodbye within a certain time frame?  Is the impending doom of the end eliminating the opportunity to enjoy each other in the current time?

Maybe we were being more foolish than we realized.  Maybe this relationship doesn’t have an expiration date.  Maybe everything will work out this time.  Maybe we sometimes get the fairy tale.

Checking in…

Me, Jack has been blessed with a New Year’s sickness. It prevents anything blog worthy from happening or talking about. Fingers crossed this sickness goes away soon. I can no longer handle my head feeling like it is going to explode.

2012- The year of the blog take 86…

So it’s quite apparent that Jack and blogging aren’t the best combo since I neglect to blog and have left Santiago alone to keep OkieDokieArtichokie alive. With that said… 2012 is the year of the Blog and I Jack, am going to do my best to not slack. (HAHA I made a rhyme)

Now I know I have said this numerous times but seriously, this time it’s going to happen.

WHY you may ask… what’s so different this time around? Well Grad School is officially over and I am currently unemployed.  2012 is going to be the year of the Jack and when I say I am going to do something I plan on sticking to it.

Now I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions (NYR) because the idea of having one gives you more of a reason to break it. However, there are a few things that I have decided I need to do and they just so happen to alien with the start of the new year.

  1. Read More: It’s amazing how much I forgot I loved reading while in Grad School.
  2. Blog More: DUH
  3. Go to the Gym: I feel like this is a staple NYR
  4. Get a Job
  5. Be more creative: I need to use the creativity and brain power I was blessed with
  6. Be more adventurous: By this I’m not saying I’m going to jump out of a plane or anything (although the Boy would love that) but I need to leave my comfort zone a bit more and just get out there

So there you have it… Jack’s first entry of 2012. Fingers crossed it’s not my last!

On Being a Grown-Up

I bought a watch this weekend.  A real “grown-up” watch.  It’s gold and silver.  It is not ceramic or Swatch.  It’s not Hello Kitty or ChocoCat.  No, no, it is a real grown-up watch.  And it makes me feel all fancy.  But then, it fills me with complete and utter panic.  Am I really a grown-up?  Who let me buy this watch?

I get the feeling that I do not know what I want to be when I grow up.  I wake up most mornings and think I am still fifteen.  Then, I slowly realize that no, I have a job that I have to go to.  A job that requires that I get out of bed at a very reasonable time to allow for a shower and breakfast before I spend 8-12 hours of my day there.  A job that requires that I should probably own things like a grown-up watch.

Sometimes I realize I am not fifteen again very very very quickly.  This realization comes faster when I wake up next to a man.  My first inclination is to freak out and scream for someone to help me.  Why is there a man in my bed?!  But then, I remember, I am not fifteen.  This man is here because I want him to be here.  And that in itself, is a very grown-up thought.  But then my phone rings and it’s my mother.  My mother calling to make sure I have woken up on time.  And then the man in bed might laugh and tell me that this is not at all a grown-up thing.  What grown-up cannot wake up on their own, he might ask.  I do not have an answer so I just hide my face.  But really, I want to answer…  a fifteen year old.

But I am not fifteen, so I wake up, I shower, put on my grown-up watch, go to my job.  I do this even though I kind of secretly hate my job and my grown-up life looks nothing like I imagined it would when I was fifteen.

Ever had one of those days?

Where it seems like you absolutely cannot get in a good mood?  Where everything seems to go the wrong way?

I’ve gotta give a shout out to my Mamaroni because she introduced me to a song that can immediately put me in an amazing mood.  If you are ever having one of those days, I must suggest you put on the headphones and listen to this song as loud as possible:



I’ve had different best friends over the course of my life.  Some besties are still besties, others might have just been there for a short period of time but that does not mean they were significant or life-changing.

With the exception of Jack, my besties all live within a short driving distance.  Some I see every day, others I see once a month, and some, I sometimes rarely see. 

The past two weekends I have had the extreme pleasure of seeing some of my besties…  besties from childhood, high school and college.  I consider myself extremely lucky for the past two weekends.  Of course, this makes me miss them more when I don’t see them, but it also makes me miss my Jack!

No matter what life hands to you, no matter what some stupid boy is doing, no matter how crazy work gets…  your besties always know exactly what to say to make you laugh, but also to help you know what to do.

Thanks to all my besties!  You are all amazing in your own ways!